Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stucco Italiano Lime Plaster "Venetian Plaster"

VG Studio Design use the Original natural Lime product from Stucco Italiano.
The Stucco Italiano produce a Marmorino classic als know has "Venetian Plaster"is a beautiful and time-honored Italian technique to make walls appear as if they are actually made of stone. Many companies and decorators claim to utilize the venetian plaster technique, but traditional, quality venetian plaster is rarely executed in contemporary residences due to its lengthy process and cost.
VG Studio Design perform only the original tecnique by using the original italian product made are of natural Limestone and Carrara Marble dus craft that every home decorator should be familiar with.
Venetian plaster gets its name from the city in which it was created: Venice, Italy. Traditionally, venetian plaster is a wall treatment consisting of a viscuous mixture of pigmented limestone, pigment and marble dust, applied in layers to create a marble-like finish that is either smooth or textured. The end result of venetian plaster is a wall that appears to be made of actual solid stone.Serving North Shore, Vancouver, Bowen Island and Howe Sound area

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