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Bowen Island BC. Home Renovation

Renovation challenge at Cates Hill.

Cates Hill is a develop area in Bowen Island, the developer is Bowen Island proprieties. the construction on Cates Hill did start about 15 years ago and we recently were contract to renovate one of the first house build on Cates Hill.
It was a very challenging project since that the house was never finished properly and professionally We had seen that before, on Bowen many old house have been done by low skill framers and certainly finished by DIY handyman or homeowners.
Unfortunately this common construction method make many house on Bowen a very challenge project, especially when the homeowner decide to renovate their houses up to standard or above.
in this particular case the homeowner did decide for adding a new kitchen, new floor, crown moulding large use of trim and moulding, new appliances and some faux paint.
but let see some imagines of before and after.

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